Birmingham Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding consists of driving a mobile shredding truck to your Birmingham location. The trucks are completely self-contained and operate without the need for any outside power source. They shred in minutes what it would take you a month with the basic office shredder.
Mobile Shredding Services in Birmingham, AL
If you wish to watch your papers being shredded in Birmingham then a mobile shredding solution is for you.
Shredding trucks destroy up to 6,000 lbs every hour; so many jobs only take a few minutes. In less than 15 minutes they can perform the standard office shredding purge.
For regularly scheduled service, secure bins are placed in your office at no charge. You simply drop in any papers that you wish shredded. The driver arrives up on a regular schedule and protects your important business data from falling into the wrong person’s hands.

How Mobile Shredding Works in Birmingham

  • Save up everything you need destroyed in provided cabinets (for scheduled service). Don't worry about hanging folders or paperclips.
  • The papers are shredded into a sealed compartment of the truck. You can oversee the total process. 
  • Certificates of Destruction are generated for every job shredded.
  • The shredded papers are compacted, pulped down, and recycled into new paper.

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